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Dragon Kiss

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Author: E.D. Baker

ISBN: 9781599903484
Pages: 288
Description: Enjoyed this quite a bit more than its predecessor, Dragon Princess, probably because Millie dooesn’t feature much in it, the annoying, selfish princess with anger-management issues. She’s more like Hazel, the first Green Witch, than her namesake, (see book 3) so why is she the heroine? Oh well. She doesn’t deserve Audan, an young ice dragon who is brave without be too foolhardy, inquisitive without being stupid, helpful without being pushy, but idiot enough to fall for Millie, who hasn’t shown she’s grown-up yet, not even by the end of this book.
There was also the humor present in this last installment which was not present in book 5 -for example, the baby Dessica bird who thinks Audan is its “mama” *(too bad they didn’t play on this a little more) and the worms who help Audan find the sea-monsters who “kidnapped” the giant’s little girl (remember them from book 5, the inept parents who can’t keep track of a giant toddler and need a dragon to help them). Nastia Nautica makes a brief show (nice to see she’s still as nasty as ever from book 2) as do Klorine and Ratinki, my two favorite witches who don’t show up nearly enough.
Some loose ends left in this book. I wish the ice dragon society had been explained a little more. Are they ever going to resolve the feud between the fire-breathing and the ice dragons? Are Francis and Zoe going to get together? (They don’t even show up here, which is just as well, since Zoe disturbed me past reconciling after eating an ice monster in book 5 at the Blue Witch’s castle. By the way, she’s living with Mudine now, but what happened to her original kingdom? She just abandons it? Does that mean there’s a new blue witch somewhere, or does only Greater Greensward get a new witch?) Do Francis and Zoe get their own book later, morphing into a vampie meets witch thing? I hope not. Leave well enough alone. Besides, it’s depressing, getting to know Grassina and Chartreuse, their funny mean mother, brave Emma and sweet pudgy Eadric, and then watching them all grow old, get gray hair, and not even by able to raise a decent kid. I love the first 4 books, but I’m ending the series in my mind there. Sorry, Audan, I liked you, but not enough to stomach Millie.
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