Drugs, laboratory and hospital equipment, pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations

Every healthcare practice or issue has a unique need for delivering the best healthcare possible. For this reason we provide an extensive portfolio of medical drugs, medical equipment and pharmaceutical products from the leading manufacturers at competitively the lowest costs without compromising quality.

We typically supply all that you’d require to run a healthcare clinic or hospital. From beds, syringes, gloves, all laboratory and theater tools and equipment with medical drugs and pharmaceutical products to stock up your pharmacy.

We also provide vet healthcare product supplies and equipment for your livestock farms with our products acquired from leading global vet product manufacturers.

Chemicals and Chemical Preparations

Neil and Spector has a full-line of healthcare chemicals. Depending on your needs, we supply pharmaceutical chemicals, food grade chemicals, personal healthcare chemicals, analytical laboratory chemicals for reliable, precise results in examination, analytics and results

Animal and Poultry Feeds

We supply a range of livestock feeds. As a policy in our company, together with our processors we focus 100% to supply personalized high quality nutritious animal and poultry feeds.

Whether you prefer pellets or crumbles, we have a wide variety of animal health foods and composite feeds for your livestock with poultry feeds available for all types of chicken; – chick starter for the young ones, growers, flock raiser, layer and broiler feeds.

Office equipment, stationary and consumables

we understand that everyone’s needs are different, that’s why we offer a wide range of office.

Our full range of office products will give you all that you need for your everyday office requirements such as paper, filing, writing supplies, brochures etc. In addition we supply protective gear used in offices, first aid kits and all office furniture and facilities used in cleaning, washrooms and kitchens for a better and cleaner office environment.

Protective Wear

For those that work under dangerous and hazardous conditions, we are here to ensure you get the right supplies to protect you from injuries and unhealthy environments. Our range of protective wear runs from simple protective wear for your home activities to industrial environment protection gear. We supply homes, factories, offices with all kinds of protective wear such us gloves, helmets, overalls, gumboots, face masks and so on. Depending on our custom needs, we shall supply whatever  you desire with the highest quality and most affordable prices on the market today.

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